Project planning

At the start of every project there is a plan, the time put into the plan determines how the project runs from start to finish! That is why it is so important to us to put time and effort into building a plan with our client!

Here’s an example of how things are planned on our everyday new build projects! We also offer an upgrade to a lighting design plan where we take on full responsibility of selecting and purchasing all the light fittings.
At the start of a project we will meet with the client and have a sit down to try and build an understanding on the individuals interior tastes. We will then have a look through the architectural drawings making suggestions on design concepts throughout the building to suit each space. This stage of the planning is all about giving the clients ideas to think about! Once we have been through the drawings we will then leave the client with a set of design notes to help them understand what is needed from them for the planning of the project and also give them time to review the ideas and figure out what they would like from their electrical installation.
Once the clients have an idea of what they are looking for we will begin to design the project starting with the architectural plans provided, marking up general layouts and positions for sockets and switches etc. We will then discuss lighting plans for each space, from type of lighting wither it be pendant’s, spotlights, wall lights or one of the many LED tape concepts. We will then discuss lighting control for the space, switching locations, dimming, motion detectors, smart controls etc.
Once we have this draft plan in place, I like to give the client time to reflect on this and make any changes or additions before we begin the wiring of the project. We will then have a review of the plan on site and have a walk about the building marking up positions of beds, large pieces of furniture, or anything else that governs the positions of our fittings, By this time the shell of the project would be in place and you can get a sense of how things are going to look. This is where any flaws in the paper plan may come to light, and we can see any changes that must be made. Once all the amendments are made to the plan it’s time to carry out the first fix.
From this point on its more down to the clients in regard to selection and purchasing decorative fittings, unless the lighting design upgrade is requested where I will put the time into selecting, sourcing and purchasing all decorative fittings. This can be of great advantage to some people as it can be a very time consuming process and can be very difficult if you struggle to visualize the finished project.
However, if the upgrade is not requested I will still offer support on the selection of fittings and purchases on all my projects!

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