The Brief

HIFI corner Joppa road, Edinburgh

This project saw us transform an old run-down shop and warehouse into a fresh exciting new space for hi end retailers HIFI corner.

The first stage of the project was the warehouse side of the building. The guys wanted to start moving stock from there old premises to the new so we had to push hard to get this done as quickly as possible. Everything was stripped out and rewired to suit the new layouts. The warehouse lighting was upgraded to new LED strip lights. Office spaces and kitchen space rewired to suit and also fitted with new LED strip lighting giving a good crisp working light. Emergency lights were fitted in all the required places and A new 3phase consumer unit was fitted and all testing was carried out and the warehouse was powered up allowing the hifi team to move in.

Stage 2 was the shop and demo rooms

4 HIFI demo rooms and a movie room were to be built and wired to the specifications supplied as we had to meet the specific requirements in relation to sound blocking and power supplies needed to allow the demo products to operate at their best. The lighting in each room was made up of scoop type down lights installed in relation to the equipment layouts so they could be adjusted to focus directly on equipment that was on display. Each demo room also had a form of quirky lighting from a death star light fitting to industrial tap style wall lights.

The shop front was given a facelift by bringing in some strong colours and a wood panelled feature wall to bring the place to life. The lighting mainly consisted of track lighting giving a flexible source of lighting ideal for display purposes with the addition of a few colourful pendants above the reception area.

The movie room is yet to be completed but its going to be something special by the sounds of it!

@Mackie-Electrical we can make it happen!

The Finished Project

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