Smart lighting

lighting controls are a big part of our services at Mackie electrical, We offer a bespoke solution to lighting controls in any space! wither it be interior or exterior, domestic or commercial we will design a lighting control system to suit your needs.

Smart lighting controls allow you to transform a space or even a building to suite whatever the desired mood is at that time, you could set the lights back to a warm glow to relax and wide down after a hard days work or you could have the lights an energising pure white colour in the morning to set your mind into an active state for the day ahead, or you could transform a room into a colourful party theme for an evening of entertaining and all this can be made as simple as you like from an app or your phone or tablet to a scene selector switch on the wall it can even be automated to roll through different scenes at different times through the course the day so there is no switching to be done at all. We can also create a night-time lighting solution where motion sensors would be installed in desired locations to detect you as you get out of bed through the night to go to the toilet or pop down to the kitchen for a drink. The sensors would bring on lighting at a low level to light your way but not dazzle you with bright lights switching your brain out of rest mode.

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