The Brief

This amazing opportunity of a hi-spec new build house in St Andrews came from MacGregors building services.

From the start of the job we knew it was going to be something special with the client’s willingness to work with us and understanding of how lighting can play such a big Part in the design of a property.

Throughout the project we bounced ideas off each other and worked together to design a breath-taking new home for them to live in.

The interior of the house is stunning with features carrying throughout every room and the lighting to match having a great impact in every space through the home.

The main lounge is probably my favourite room in the house the lighting is made up of a few different aspects of lighting all working together to give a very well-lit balanced room. A grand 3 tier pendant light is the centrepiece of the lighting having a massive impact in the room. The room also has ceiling wash lighting giving the area a true sense of space as it fills the room with a warm glow used mainly at night as a set back lighting along with the standing lamps that are all plugged into 5amp sockets so they can be controlled from the switch and dimmed down at nights to create a chilled warm mood. Built into the bespoke TV/Fireplace we have LED strip in a low-profile aluminium housing, acting as a display light for the unit it really makes for a brilliant stand out focal point. In the reading area of the room there is scoop downlights to focus on the painting in the area.

There is many aspects of lighting throughout the house, in the snug we restored an old style candle type light fitting from the church the clients previously lived in. Along with picture lights and 5amp socket around the room.

The kitchen has colour changing kicker lighting which gives it a modern edge, under unit lighting, above unit lighting, display lighting, wall lights filling the vaulted ceiling and a fabulous glass pendant hanging above the island.

The master bedroom has a centrepiece pendant as the main source of light. In the built-in wardrobes there is LED strip running down each side switching on as the doors are opened washing light across the front of the hanging clothes. In the master en-suit there is recesses built into the walls next to the bath and in the shower cubical with recessed led strip and a shadow gap at the bottom of the bath panel also lit with LED strip giving a warm back light when the main spotlights are switched off.

The Exterior of the building is exceptionally stunning and has the garden to match. At night the building and the garden transforms into a lighting show piece with not a corner of the garden or the house unlit.

The house is mainly lit with can style wall lights with the stonework at the back lit with ground lights with shutters to adjust the beam of the light to suit each individual pillar of stone.

The front garden is an old style rustic theme with a water feature in the centre that looks beautiful at night. The water reflects flicks of light as it runs down the sides of the stone, A pine tree stands in the corner of the garden with fairy lights wrapped up the trunk,  A passage has been crated through to the back garden with fairy lights draping down from the top giving a spectacular entrance into the back garden.

The back garden is lit mainly with low voltage spike lights around the perimeter filling tree canopies with a warm light and bringing out the vibrant colours from the flowerbeds at night. Along with this basic form of garden lighting there are a few other lighting features! The planters wrapping around the edge of the patio area have LED lighting running around the underside an overhang created to hide the lights. This gives a good flood of light over the patio at low level as well as creating a feature of the planters at night.

The lighting around the property looks stunning but also gives the homeowners a great sense of security at night, not looking out into the darkness but instead a lovely warm glow surrounding the full property.

@Mackie-Electrical we can make it happen!

The Finished Project

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